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RCS Overview


Ridge Managed Container Service (RCS) lets you deploy a batch of identical containers.
After you specify the container characteristics, Ridge creates the underlying infrastructure, spins up the desired number of containers with your specified docker image, and makes sure the containers are running. RCS manages all the servers, docker, and networking, behind the scenes.

Creating a Batch of Containers

You can create a batch either using an API call, or using the Ridge console . In either case, you can specify a set of constraints for the Ridge Allocation Engine to use when selecting the best suited Data Center.

Main Container Parameters

When creating a batch of containers, you specify:

  • Batch name
  • Container's Docker Image
  • Desired Location
  • The desired number of containers.
  • CPU, memory and ephemeral storage size

Docker Registry Credentials

To allow Ridge to fetch a Docker image for the containers, you must provide credentials for the Docker registry.

  • URL of the Docker registry
  • Username
  • Password
  • Name for credentials

A separate, secure service stores the credentials and makes them available for use with multiple batch creations. Upon creation of a batch, you reference the credential name and do not need to enter the credentials.

AWS Credentials for Containers

Often, containers that run at the edge need to fetch or upload data to a centralized location. For example, the containers may need to write data to S3. Therefore, the AWS credentials must be available to the container. Placing these credentials in the Docker image is not secure and configuring each container is complex and inconvenient.
Ridge stores AWS credentials for you, in a secure, reusable manner and uses them to generate temporary credentials for containers. The AWS SDK that you install in your container will automatically locate the credentials. The Ridge implementation makes the AWS credentials available in the same manner that AWS does.
When you add AWS credentials to the secure service you specify:

  • Access key ID
  • Access key secret
  • Name for these credentials

When you create a batch you reference the AWS credentials by name.

Batch Monitoring and Auto-healing

The batch of containers will be constantly monitored by Ridge to ensure they are always running.
The user has the ability to delete a specific container or the entire batch. However, should a container terminate unintentionally (for example, the server, on which it is running,fails), the system will automatically bring one up in its place.
The system is persistent at its attempt to run the desired number of containers. Even if there is a temporary shortage in resources, the user should not be concerned as the system will continue to retry to start the containers.

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RCS Overview

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